International and Domestic Health Equity and Leadership (IDHEAL) UCLA Emergency Medicine

IDHEAL Fellowship applications due: 10/15/17

Reminder: the deadline for IDHEAL fellowship applications is approaching quickly. Looking forward to receiving your application by October 15th!IMG_2221

Achieving the Quadruple Aim

IDHEAL UCLA had strong representation at the Inventing Social Emergency Medicine conference at ACEP headquarters in Dallas. IDHEAL faculty Dennis Hsieh, MD, JD presented Achieving the Quadruple Aim: Treating Patients as People by Screening for and Addressing the Social Determinants of Health.IMG_4340

Mobile Wound Clinic

UCLA research fellow and IDHEAL member Todd Schneberk, MD leads groups of volunteer health care providers to Tijuana to assist in a mobile wound clinic for marginalized populations unable to obtain care through the Mexican health system.Pasted GraphicPasted Graphic 1

Philippe Bourgois - Save the Date - 11/28/17

Save the date! IDHEAL-UCLA is excited to confirm that renowned social scientist Philippe Bourgois will be giving Emergency Medicine Ground Rounds on the concept of Structural Vulnerability on Tuesday, November 28th at 9:00am in Tamkin auditorium in Westwood.

Drawing from anthropological participant-observation fieldwork among the homeless, Professor Philippe Bourgois will describe the experience of cycling in and out of emergency rooms/ICUs and back out onto the street from the perspective of the patients. Analyzing the dysfunctional interaction between high-tech medical services and the complicated social needs and suffering of indigent street addicts, he will propose a social medicine "Structural Vulnerability in the Risk Environment" approach to reducing patient suffering and mitigating the institutional burnout of clinicians on the frontlines of indigent care in the urban US.

Poverty Simulation

On July 11, 2017 IDHEAL member Dennis Hsieh, MD, JD led a poverty simulation for over 30 residents, staff, and faculty from Harbor UCLA Medical Center and Olive View-UCLA Medical Center. The simulation, originally developed by the Missouri Community Action Network aims to assist participants in understanding the difficulties of those with financial hardship. Each participant is assigned a family, a situation and tasks they must complete in order to survive a simulated month, broken down into four 15 minute weeks. Participants must then work together to visit different stations such as the supermarket, the utility company, the mortgage company and their place of employment to accomplish tasks related to the activities of daily living. In a post simulation debriefing, participants felt the exercise was very useful in understanding the difficulties and frustrations experienced by our patients with financial hardship. We hope that this exercise will foster interest in the social determinants of health amongst the physicians of the Los Angeles County public hospitals.IMG_4185