International and Domestic Health Equity and Leadership (IDHEAL) UCLA Emergency Medicine

Teaching Modules - Guide for Faculty

Thank you for your interest in the IDHEAL Social Emergency Medicine teaching modules. Here is how we suggested we use these modules with your learners. We are working on a more in-depth faculty teaching guide for each module that will be available by December, 2018.

Each Module consists of:

1. Objectives
2. A Clinical Case
3. Discussion Questions
4. Teaching Points
5. Practical Questions about Your Institution
6. Recommended Screening Question
7. A Paired Reading from the Literature
8. Discussion/Teaching Points from the Reading
9. Additional Reading Recommendations

For On-Shift Teaching (10-15 minutes)
Read the case aloud to the residents and medical students. Use the questions to stimulate a brief discussion. Use the discussion questions to stimulate discussion. Use the teaching points to summarize the discussion and take-home learning points. Finally, use the practical questions to make sure learners know how this case would be handled in your own institution (i.e. available local resources and how to access them).

For Small Group Teaching (30-45 minutes)
Distribute the Suggested Reading (s) in advance of the session with sufficient time for participants to read the paper. Initiate the session as above using the case and discussion questions.

Learners with a Strong Interest (Long term)
For those learners who approach the instructor after the session with the question, “how can I learn more about this?”, we have prepared the Additional Reading Recommendations section. You can encourage them to look at the additional readings and to engage with the authors of the modules and/or the authors of the additional readings. You can also suggest that they connect with emergency physicians with similar interests by joining the ACEP or SAEM sections of Social Emergency Medicine or by applying to the IDHEAL UCLA Emergency Medicine fellowship in Health Equity.