International and Domestic Health Equity and Leadership (IDHEAL) UCLA Emergency Medicine

Health Equity for Immigrants and Families Summit
LAC+USC Medical Center

In December 2017, IDHEAL members Todd Schneberk and Shamsher Samra were part of the team that helped organize and moderate Los Angeles County's Health Equity for Immigrants and Families Summit at the LAC+USC Medical Center. This half-day event was an opportunity for healthcare professionals, legal providers, and community advocates to discuss challenges and propose solutions to deliver comprehensive quality healthcare and health access to Los Angeles County immigrants and their families. Discussions between stakeholders included:

• Health-Access Barriers for undocumented residents

• Public Benefits Available to Non-Citizens: how to get patients what they need.
• Effective Referral Pathways: connecting with immigration legal service providers and medico-legal partnerships
• Family Emergency Planning for Undocumented/Mixed Status Families
A summary consensus statement from stakeholders will be forthcoming.

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